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Welcome to the heart of motorcycle passion in Malta! We are proud to present to you the sale of legendary JAWA motorcycles, which combine a rich history, brave design and uncompromising performance. Our company is committed to providing quality and reliable motorcycles that not only satisfy your demands for speed and elegance, but also draw you into the world of on-road adventure.

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About us

We are an authorized dealer and service of the traditional Czech motorcycle brand JAWA in the Czech Republic.

Since the beginning of 2023, we have started to import motorcycles of this brand to Malta and Sicily. This is a unique opportunity to ride Jawa motorcycles in the beautiful landscape of the Maltese islands.

We aim to inform you as much as possible and to bring and show you the Jawa models. Our journey in Malta began with roadshows, in the spring in TaQali and at the end of the summer of 2023 in Xemxija Pit Stop.

We will publish the events that we will organize in the future in the EVENT section of our website.

From these events, we have developed our cooperation with our business partner Labamba Motorcycles. This company has become an authorized Jawa dealer and service for the Maltese market. All information about motorcycles and spare parts can be addressed to our representative Labamba as well as on our website. However, Sales and service are handled by the above-mentioned Maltese representative.

We also offer Cassida helmets in Jawa design.
We are gradually expanding and adding to the Jawa range. We monitor
new trends and we always try to advise our customers so that they can continue to be satisfied with our products.

Thank you and we look forward to your next visit to the Labamba Motorcycles showroom and our website Jawa.mt

If you have any questions about motorcycles and other information, please ask in the enquiry form.

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